Thursday, April 29, 2010


Oh, the things I can find to waste time. Have you created a Wordle? Aren't they a hoot?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Another weekend over...

The weekend flew by. I had my RWA writer’s group meeting, which is always great fun, and went to grand march at my step grandson’s prom. The girls all looked so pretty and the boys so handsome. Sunday afternoon I took a nap. It was great, and while I was sleeping my DH waxed my car. Yes, he is a keeper.

I spent some time working on my latest book. It’s a western again, of course, about a mail order bride that arrives in Wyoming and discovers the man who’d ordered her died three days earlier. Every man in the small town is lined up when her stage coach arrives, spit shined and ready to claim her. I’m brooding now because my paycheck job is so busy I won’t get a chance to write more than a paragraph or two until next weekend.

Today I had my hair cut. It’s shorter than it’s been in twenty years. LOL I'm hoping I’ll get used to it by July or so.

I completed the galley for Wish Craft so hopefully I'll have a release date on that story soon, and I’ve just received the galley for Guardian Bride, the Quinter Brides book 4. I’m looking forward to reading that one again. I miss those Quinter boys.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Dandelions, ticks, and writing.

I’m in awe, it's only April and I have dandelions blooming along my driveway! A rarity for Minnesota.

Snow in April—yes. Dandelions—no.

Just to be clear—I’m not complaining. I’m rejoicing. Thanking the Universe! It’s absolutely amazing.

This weekend I also found out the wood ticks are out. We went over to our son’s house and took a long, beautiful, four wheeler ride through the woods. And yes, a couple of the little critters tried to steal a ride home with us. I spent the rest of the weekend imagining there were more of them. I also put the finishing touches on two short stories for Harlequin’s UNDONE line. They’ve requested both stories, so my fingers are crossed.

My beta reader sent back her thoughts on Wild Cat Bride, the Quinter Brides book 5. After a few minor tweaks, I’ll be sending that one off to The Wild Rose Press.

Aw, yes, ticks and all, life is good.

Oh, and I just have to post this picture…It’s Papa’s favorite.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Monday, April 12, 2010

Book of the Week

Thank you to everyone who voted for Badland Bride to become the Book of the Week!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Reviews and other ramblings...

We are dog-sitting while the kids are up north making wedding plans. I had forgotten how happy four-legged friends are when you arrive home from work. It makes a wonderful homecoming.

After pre-preschool this morning, my granddaughter and I had lunch with a friend of mine. She’s working on a fundraiser and I took her a basket of books for their auction. We had a great time, but walking into her office building was another shocking experience of how badly our economy has been hit lately. The building is lovely, and used to be full of prosperous businesses. Today, our footsteps echoed in the foyer and hall as we walked past one empty office after another. I know things well turn around, but I’m fearful of the length of time it will take and how many other businesses may fail before the full turn around. I keep hearing how we need to create new jobs, and I can’t help but think there was nothing wrong with the old jobs—just bring them back.

On to a more uplifting topic—Reviews. As an author I enjoy hearing from people who have read one of my stories—after all that is why I write them. My goal is to provide the reader with a journey to another place and time, to meet new people, and have a few minutes or hours of peaceful enjoyment. I appreciate every reader and/or reviewer who takes the time to read one of my stories. It’s always wonderful to hear when someone loves one of my books, but I also like to hear what they didn’t care for—that helps me dig deeper while working on the next book.

This week I received three reviews, two for Badland Bride-The Quinter Brides Book Two and one for Wedding Night with the Ranger.

The Long and Short of It Reviewer Camellia gave Badland Bride five books. (Which nominates it for Book of the Week, so if you have a chance, and would like to, please vote for it this weekend.) The Romance Studio Reviewer Theresa B. gave Badland Bride three hearts. And Wendy the Super Librarian at The Good, The Bad and The Unread gave Wedding Night with the Ranger a C+.
An exciting week indeed!

Tomorrow night we are attending the annual The Wild Turkey Federation Banquet and Fundraiser. It’s a fun time, but my dear husband always finds something we can’t live without. My living room is already bulging with antler furniture, prints, and stuffed dead things…I’ll let you know how it goes.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter

We are back home from Kansas and looking forward to having the kids over for Easter dinner. I picked up plastic eggs and candy on the ride home, and plan on having Papa stuff them tonight while I get the house in order and all of the traveling laundry done.

The trip to Kansas came up unexpected, but since the weather was so wonderful, we took the Mustang out of storage and took her to Kansas. It was so great to be back behind her wheel!

And while we were gone, Boot Hill Bride, the Quinter Brides Book 3 was released in print! The e-book version will be released April 16th.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter!