Monday, April 19, 2010

Dandelions, ticks, and writing.

I’m in awe, it's only April and I have dandelions blooming along my driveway! A rarity for Minnesota.

Snow in April—yes. Dandelions—no.

Just to be clear—I’m not complaining. I’m rejoicing. Thanking the Universe! It’s absolutely amazing.

This weekend I also found out the wood ticks are out. We went over to our son’s house and took a long, beautiful, four wheeler ride through the woods. And yes, a couple of the little critters tried to steal a ride home with us. I spent the rest of the weekend imagining there were more of them. I also put the finishing touches on two short stories for Harlequin’s UNDONE line. They’ve requested both stories, so my fingers are crossed.

My beta reader sent back her thoughts on Wild Cat Bride, the Quinter Brides book 5. After a few minor tweaks, I’ll be sending that one off to The Wild Rose Press.

Aw, yes, ticks and all, life is good.

Oh, and I just have to post this picture…It’s Papa’s favorite.


Paty Jager said...

Yuck! I hate ticks. Had one burrowed into the nape of my neck as a child. We'd been out cutting firewood all day and when my mom washed my hair she found it. It felt like major surgery when she and my dad tipped my head forward, parted my hair, and went to work making the thing back out. I still have a slight lump where he was embedded.

Cute pic, congrats on more Harlequin requests!

NO dandelions here but my daffodils are starting to die.

Nancy Henderson said...

We have dandelions here in upper NY state too. Also a rarity! But I love it!