Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Oh, goodness, what have I done?

DH bought me a Kindle for Christmas, and I love it! BUT, it’s a very good thing that I took a few extra days off work because I’ve been up into the wee hours of the morning since Christmas Eve, reading, reading, and reading. Previously, I had downloaded the Kindle app to both my Blackberry and my laptop, and read several books. However, let’s face it, the cell phone screen is small, and when I’m on the computer, I feel as if I should be writing. Now, with the Kindle, I can lie on the bed and read, recline in the chair and read, stretch out on the couch and read…You get the picture. I may never get anything else done. With its beautiful red cover, my Kindle slips perfectly into my purse…I do believe I’m done for. The more I read, the longer my TBR list becomes because I decide I must have another book by a particular author, and zip, there it is, waiting for me.

Okay…enough about the Kindle. I also received original canvas paintings from my granddaughters which are absolutely priceless, a gorgeous pearl necklace, and lots of Mustang stuff. Our entire family turns into kids at Christmas, and as we all gathered at my son’s house to open gifts, the transformation happened in full force. We had foam darts flying around the room, people modeling new gifts, wrapping paper wars, and never ending laughter.

We were disappointed when the weather made it impossible for family to drive up from Iowa, but they are planning to make the trip for New Years, and it will be wonderful to have them here.

On the writing side, I have been productive. Yesterday, I spent the day working on my Undone duet. I not only finished the first draft, but sent it off to a critique partner who had it back to me within hours. Yes, she’s AWESOME! I will have it sent off to HQN by the end of the month as promised.

I hope you all find the time to play with your new ‘toys’ this week and that your New Year’s celebrations are wonderful!


Paty Jager said...

I didn't get a Kindle but I received a DROID that I downloaded your book onto. I only downloaded one thing so far. I need to do some more since I"ll be going on a trip in two weeks and should really have a couple of books in the device to read. My other gifts have been used. A light that clips to my hat so I can see the strings on the bales when we feed after dark and a new blade for the knife I use to cut the strings. I know how to party!! LOL

I'm still gearing up to start the next book. Every time I think I'll have time to start writing something else comes up. But I am putting my foot down and the book starts tomorrow! Definitely!

Glad you had such a fun holiday!

Catherine Bybee said...

I love my nook! You'll figure out how to juggle it with your writing. grin