Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Yes, we still have plenty of snow…so much that the parking lots are turning into lakes, but we have sunshine! And the weather man said if we promise to be good, we might see 40 above tomorrow! YIPPEE!

I know it’s only March, so there is still snow ahead of us, but there truly is nothing like that first good bout of spring sunshine…where the sun feels so wonderful you want to do nothing but lift your face to the rays and sigh with pleasure.

We’ve had a great week. The birthday party on Saturday was fabulous! My daughter-in-law is a wonderful cook, and it’s always fun to get together with friends and family.

I completed all of the paperwork to file for tax relief from the Japanese government and sent that off (one more step in this international publishing process) and I was offered another contract from The Wild Rose Press for a short story.

All in all…Life is good!

Have a great week!


Nancy Henderson said...

Congratulations on the new contract! Spring is on it's way, I can't wait!

Paty Jager said...

I guess you don't want to hear we're
driving through Arizona and it's 77 here and wonderful sunshine. ;)

I think I've getting the grandkids colds. As long as it holds off getting worse before we get home, I'll be happy.

Congrats on hall the contract stuff!