Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bloom Where You Are Planted

My garden is busy producing vegetables, and the branches on the fruit trees are hanging low from the weight of the apples and plums. I enjoy harvesting the goods and stacking the freezer for the winter months, and it always amazes me how those little plants can grow so quickly and produce so bountifully. Even more remarkable are those little volunteer guys—seeds left lying dormant from last year or the year before who sprout with life and run a challenging race with the ones who were so gently tendered and protected from frosty spring mornings.

Those volunteer ones remind me of the flower in the sidewalk or the concrete medium of a busy freeway. They gallantly prove where there is a will, there is a way.

Of course, with my love of westerns and history, my thoughts then go to the pioneers—those resilient men and women who courageously braved the unknown to plant themselves in the Wild West of North America and bloom.

Okay, so now I’m just rambling. Sorry, I wanted to get a blog post done so I can get back to work on my WIP (actually it’s four works in progress), but once I started thinking about the garden I completely forgot what I was going to blog about! All I can say is take advice from those little plants, and bloom where YOU are planted!

Writing news this week…I completed edits on two stories last weekend and got them sent back in, and the Lawmen and Outlaws Anthology received a 4.5 stars rating from The Romance Studio.


Paty Jager said...

Fun post. Wish I could grow things- they all die. I've been told it helps if you water them. LOL

Four WIPS you are sounding like me! I think I have that many going at this time too.

Nancy Henderson said...

Everything except my peppers died in my garden this year. My neighbor with a green thumb said they had "blite" or is it "blight"? Anyway, everything turned brown. Except my peppers, so I'm cancelling the homemade salsa and going with the stuffed peppers. Oh well, when you get lemons make lemonade right? :)