Friday, November 21, 2008

Do, delegate, dump...

I have the house alone this weekend, and should be busy getting every thing in order for Thanksgiving, but once again, the computer calls and here I sit working on the next Quinter Brother book instead of scrubbing floors and cleaning closets. I’m having supper with a friend tonight, and have my writing group meeting tomorrow, which means Sunday I’ll have to scrub and clean. Then again, I do not believe anyone has died from a messy closet, and I know I’ll have to mop again before company arrives (living with three dogs in Minnesota guarantees the floors will need to be scrubbed again before Thursday), so perhaps I’ll get a little writing done on Sunday as well.

A short time ago I was told to make my life easier I should adopt the three D policy. Do it. Delegate it. Or Dump it. Since I’m historically a Do It type person (just to get it over with) this policy sounded a bit harsh. But, I’ve never liked To Do lists, so the more I think about it, the more doable this policy becomes. Would life be simpler if every morning I looked at what needed to be done and assigned it to one of the D’s? The jury is still out, I’ll have to think about it a bit more, but for today, I think I’ll delegate the floor scrubbing to happen on Sunday night.

On the writing side of things…I signed two contracts this week. Rancher McBride and Doctor McBride are two short stories that will be released in May or so. The third McBride story, Sheriff McBride will be released in June as one of four stories in the Lawmen and Outlaws Anthology by authors from The Wild Rose Press. I finished my Texas Ranger story, The Marriage Plan, and sent it to my ‘beta’ reader for an overall critique before preparing to submit it anywhere. I’m also writing the speech I will be giving at the Author’s Tea on December 4th in Osseo, MN, and of course the Quinter Boys are still vying for their stories to get completed. Oh, and the Quickie Magazine purchased my short story Jailed for publication in their upcoming magazine, and asked for more…All of this tells me my To Do list for writing is longer and taking precedence over floor scrubbing.

How about you, are you a To Do person, or more of a three D’s person?

I wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving, and here is a little turkey quiz to see how well you know your bird!


Romance Author said...

Ahh, I like the idea but I'm a DO person as well. I'd just as soon do it and get it over with. Since my dh left for elk camp today, I did make a list of what i have to do while he is gone and delegated one, or if they were small, two projects a day so I can write.

You are really cooking with the writing and projects. I was asked by a writer's group to do an article on virtual tours- I turned it in today and the editor was impressed. I just hope it gets my name out a little more.

I have to get the project I'm working on done because I have the next Halsey brother knocking on my skull wanting out on paper! LOL

Have an awesome T-Day if I dont' talk to you before!

Romance Author said...

I'm reworking my blog and for some reason I don't have a name any more! ~sigh~

Lauri said...

I noticed the name thing...hopefully you'll get that worked out. I like the new layout of your blog!

Have fun while the dh is gone! And let me know where I can read your virtual tour article!

Those silly brothers keep a person hopping don't they!

Happy T-day to you too!

Nancy Henderson said...

I need to listen to your three D advice. Too much on my plate right now. And the holidays are coming! Argh!

Lauri said...

Hi Nancy!

The three D's sound much easier than it is! But I'm working on it!

A full plate is always better than an empty one! LOL

Have a GREAT holiday!