Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mustang Fans

In honor of Mustang lovers across the Universe, I must post the following poem written by a wonderful young man, Chad McCaskill:

A Tribute to My Untamed Love
She wore a shiny black coat,
I saw her through the crowd.
She hummed as I passed her way
A sweet tune. She wasn't loud.
She was very popular with the guys.
She'd take them for a drive.
Untamed like a mustang on the plains
She made me more alive.
Only one key was for the heart
Of dear Shelby so I'll wait,
Until the day that she is mine
and I can rev up her V8.

AH…I do believe I have found the man of my dreams. Too bad I married the love of my life almost thirty years ago. Oh, well, I’m quite sure Chad has all the young fillies he can handle.


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