Sunday, July 16, 2017

Book of the Month and DIY Wine Rack

July started out with a bang! Mail Order Brides of Oak Grove was given a BEST BOOK rating over at Long and Short Reviews.

“LASR Best Book – For a book or story that is truly exceptional. You think about it when you’re not reading it. You wonder what happens to the characters when you finish. You would absolutely buy everything else this author had to offer. The highest praise – and reserved for only a few.”

Then it was voted Book of the Month! 
Kathryn and I are both enjoying how much people like Mary and Maggie’s stories!

Our niece and her family from Kansas were here for a week. We enjoyed a fabulous 4th of July celebration with them that included lots of laughter, food, fun, and fireworks. The day after they left, another family member from Kansas arrived and stayed for a few days, and this week my brother from Nebraska will be coming for a visit.  We also had a birthday party for our granddog Bear. And there will be more birthday parties later on this month. 

I’m happy to say my latest WIP has been accepted by my editor. Married to Claim the Rancher’s Heir will be released in February. 

Now, I’m deep into researching my next story. A WWII story set in London.  The first chapter is always the hardest for me to write, it’s the foundation for the rest of the story. 

Having got through chapter one yesterday, I took a break from writing today and made myself this wine rack. Our youngest son makes wine and brought us over several bottles last evening. Needing a place to store them, I went searching for something I could use as a wine rack and remembered we had some old metal wheels back by the garden. I attached the wheels to the board with hose clamps, bolted the wheels together and then painted it all black. After it dried, I sanded it down to show some patina, and added the old Scrabble letters. Now the wine is close at hand when company arrives. 

I hope you are all having a fun-filled summer!

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