Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Robins at the Robinson's House

All four eggs hatched. (The last one hatched the day after I took this picture, but I feel bad disturbing Mama so I haven’t clicked another picture.) Our grandson dug a bunch of worms and ‘relocated’ them to the flower bed in front of the sauna so the Mama Robin could have easy pickings. Then, being four, he stood under the pine tree that she’d flown into waiting for her to go get the worms.  And was disappointed when it didn’t happen before he had to go home.

On the writing side…The first book in the Mail Order Brides of Oak Grove is coming soon! Kathryn Albright and I have had so much fun with this series! 

Sweet, sassy and double the trouble when twins Mary and Maggie sign contracts to become mail-order brides with every intention of escaping before the actual wedding!

Be kind, be happy, be yourself!

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