Friday, June 12, 2015

Coming Soon and Fairy Houses

I am so excited book one in The Daughters of the Roaring Twenties, The Runaway Daughter will be released in just 18 days! I had so much fun writing these books and hope readers enjoy them! I also am excited to say the title for my Salem Witch Trial story has been finalized. Saving Marina will be released in 2016! This weekend I’m working on the edits for the Cheyenne Indian story…fun times all the way around. 

Speaking of fun times, I have to share what happened last night! The girls found a fairy house down in our woods. 

They were very excited, and Hayley claimed it was the ‘real thing’ because of the fairy dust on it and the ground around it. 

As you can see from the pictures, it has carpet a match-box bed and table/chair set. 

In about three hours last night I learned more about fairies than I ever imagined. Hayley is an expert considering Tinkerbell is somewhat of an idol for her. 

Magic, don’t you just love it?

Stay happy!

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