Saturday, August 23, 2014

Summer is Dwindling...

The state fair is underway and next week my granddaughters start school, which means our summer is dwindling away. Though I do enjoy all four seasons, summer is my favorite. I always enjoyed the relaxing carefree days of not having to rush out the door first thing in the morning when our boys were younger, and still enjoy being able to spend all day with granddaughters on a whim. They were all here yesterday and we ended the night before they went home with Smores. 

We’ll have another get together tomorrow.  We not only have family visiting from Iowa, but hubby was challenged for the ALS ice bucket challenge, and everyone is coming over to watch it happen. 

Other duties put a damper on my writing time this past week, but I was able to put together a synopsis of a possible story set during the Salem Witch Trials. The research so far has been fascinating. Things were very different back then and I can understand how the hysteria spread so rapidly. I’m also glad that even back then we had wise men and women who were able to ‘think outside the box’ in order to put the debacle to an end. 

I have company and we have things to do, so I must keep this short. Enjoy these last days of Summer 2014, it has been full of memories, but there is always room for one more good one!

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