Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Yep, that’s what has been going on around here. So far DH hasn’t caught it, and I hope he doesn’t. The cold weather has kept his shop doors opening and closing. I on the other hand, had to finally and most reluctantly, take to my bed last week. It was one of those nasty bugs that drags a person down. Even Bear, granddog extraordinaire, felt sorry for me and crawled up on the bed to snuggle. Bless his yellow-lab heart. I’m happy to say I’m on the mend, and therefore, running behind. Although I’m making good progress on the third roaring twenties story, where Twyla and Forrest are having a blast flying around in his 1920’s airplane, I have some catching up to do. Thanks goes out to my darling brother Norman for answering a few antique plane questions the other day when I barely had a voice to ask them!

So, a few things have happened during my down-under-the covers-days…

Chapters have continued to be released for The Stolen Kiss on Harlequin’s website. There’s an online discussion happening if you’re interested in joining in. 

The Major’s Wife was released on Saturday, and continues to hang around at the number one slot for Harlequin Historicals at Amazon. Thank you all for being such wonderful and dedicated readers! I so appreciate each and every one of you!

The Wild Rose Press has released The Quinter Bride Series in a boxed set! Now you can get all five stories at once for one low price! I still get emails, got one just today, asking if there will be more books in this story. People want to know about Ma. I can’t say yeah or nay right now, but maybe someday. 

I received the cover art for my May 1st released, Never Tempt a Lawman. No blurb yet, but I will post it when I get it. 

Other happenings around here include me, on ONE of the coldest days of the year (we’ve had so many below zero days they’ve merged together to form at least a month I’m sure) I managed to lock myself out of my car—while it was running! There I was with fifty pounds of dog food in my arms, and no extra set of keys in my purse. Thank goodness for our wonderful local police department! 

We also had a surprise visit from one of my nieces and her lovely family on Saturday. Bear was ecstatic to have BOYS to throw the ball for him and ran until he collapsed on his doggie bed in pure satisfaction. (He’s been missing his master and number one human who is in North Carolina for work right now.)  And we had a super bowl party with lots of food to capture our attention far more than the game did. I will add the Budweiser puppy/horse commercial won my heart.

Now that I no longer need to have a tissue in one hand at all times, I’m back to writing, which I better get back to.

Have a wonderful week, and rejoice in the little things, some day you’ll remember them as very big moments.

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