Sunday, December 15, 2013

Ten More Days

Until Christmas! I’m happy to say I’m ready. Just one more grocery shopping trip for the big meal. I had a wonderful surprise today. These flowers were delivered from a fan I have yet to meet in person, but will soon, I hope. That was just so sweet and very precious of her!

As always life has been busy around here. We celebrated our granddaughter’s 7th birthday (her birthday is the 23rd so her mommy and daddy make sure we celebrate a couple weeks ahead so it doesn’t get lost in the holidays, which we all appreciate!) last weekend, and she had a gymnastics meet the next day. Lots of fun! A friend had told me about a blooming flower birthday candle, so I ordered one for the big day and it was a great hit! (I got it at

This weekend we renewed our conceal and carry permits. It is always so informative. I’d take the class every year instead of every five if I could, laws change so often. We also had our youngest granddaughter over for the day while her parents went to the football game. The Vikings won! (Must have been good luck for them to be at the game.) Granddaughter and I made cookies, several batches with more frosting and sprinkles than needed, which is all the more fun.

Writing has been very productive, too. Snowbound with the Sheriff was released December 1st!
The free read that Harlequin will be offering in January has been officially titled The Stolen Kiss. This short story connects with The Major's Wife which will be released February 1st. AND I finished another roaring 20’s story and sent it off to my editor. I really wanted it done before the holidays so it wasn’t ‘hanging over my head’. I of course have another one well in the works, but have plenty of time so there’s no pressure. That was my one Christmas wish for myself.

For you and others, my wish is that your wishes come true, and that you have happiness and love in your hearts now and all year long.

Christmas blessings to one and all.

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