Sunday, September 15, 2013

Slipping Away

Summer is slowing slipping into fall. The grandchildren are all back in school/childcare. The days are getting shorter. The temperatures are cooler. I’ve even pulled out a couple pair of jeans. Yes, time is marching forward. We had a wonderful summer. Lots of fun days spent with the girls, and the most wonderful day of all, the arrival of our grandson Connor. 

I must admit, I’m a four-season person. As much as I love summer, I cherish each of the other seasons for all they give us. I feel fortunate to live in Minnesota, where we truly get a full serving of each and every season. 

I also love Minnesota for our rich history. When I started researching for my roaring twenties stories, I was astounded with all that took place right here in my home state. Last week my friend and I took a ‘field trip’ to White Bear Lake, where gangsters where known to visit in the twenties and thirties. We visited the historical society there, drove around to get a feel of the area, spent some time in an antique store, and overall had a simply marvelous time. I came home with all sorts of tidbits to include in my stories. 

My editor said she raced through the pages of my first roaring twenties short story, and that she believes this time period will be a roaring success. I truly am enjoying it and have started a second story. Currently, though, I’m working on edits for Don’t Tempt a Lawman. I’ll never give up my westerns. Hubby and I are planning a trip west—Montana and Wyoming. He’s putting together the itinerary and I’m looking forward to all the places he’s found for us to visit, which I know will spark story ideas.  

I hope you all have a spectacular week. Life if full of choices and one is to be happy. Take it.

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