Saturday, March 9, 2013


     The entire Quinter Bride Series is on sale for $2.99! 

The ebook version of Inheriting a Bride was released March 1st. So it is now available in both print and electronically. "A delightful western...humor, realism and sweet emotion." -RT Book Reviews on Inheriting a Bride.
Next up (print in June, ebook in July) The Cowboy Who Caught Her Eye. The cover art will be coming soon, in the meantime, here’s the blurb:

Pregnant and unmarried, Molly Thorson knows her livelihood is under threat. The last thing she needs is a distracting cowboy swaggering into view. Especially one who knows she has a secret and still looks at her with desire in his eyes.  
Carter Buchanan knows all about secrets. It's his job to know. And Molly sure has something to hide. But the fear in her eyes touches a place he thought long-ago dead-and now this cowboy can't help but consider exchanging his pistol for a band of gold.... 

Life at the home front continues to be busy. March arrived with a blustery winter storm. Hubby is so tired of moving snow this year, and I’m so thankful he continues to do so. I’m also thankful he keeps my car on the road. I came home last week with the brake light flashing. He informed me one of the lines was almost snapped in-two. (Most likely from driving through the foot of snow last week—I happened to be on the road prior to the snowplows.) Hubby says he’s afraid to tell me I need to consider getting a different car. Last time he said that I came home with my Mustang. (Which left me still driving my old one six months out of the year.) I know I’ll have to retire the Grand AM soon. She’s just been so trusty I hate to part with her. 

Speaking of cars—my son called me the other day to ask if I was brain washing his daughter. When I asked why he told me while he was giving my granddaughter a ride to school, out of the blue she said, “Just think Dad, only six more weeks and we get the pony car out of storage.” Aw, yes, that girl has my heart. 

Only two classes left of my eight week writing class. I’m going to miss it, but will be glad to have one more evening of writing again. Next weekend one of the groups I volunteer for is putting on a Mobster Mystery Dinner—one of those where the murder happens while you’re eating and everyone has to figure out who did it. Promises to be a fun event! Today, we have out-of-town company arriving this afternoon, and a celebration of life to attend this evening, as well as another one tomorrow. 

Until next time, turn your dreams into plans—I know you can do it!

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