Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

We woke up to several more inches of snow this morning. A blessing for the ground when it all melts, but don’t ask my son to be happy about it. It took him over four hours to get to work, which usually only takes 50 minutes or so.

Since I will be teaching my community ed class tonight, DH and I have to no great plans for Valentine’s day. However, I do believe he plans on grilling (no, the snow doesn’t stop him, and I noticed the steaks he’d bought yesterday in the fridge this morning). I offered to watch the grandgirls so the kids could go out on Friday evening, and am looking forward to the fun the three of them have while playing together.   

On Monday, Feb. 18th, I’ll have a special valentines post happening over at Cowboy Kisses Blog, and it includes a give away of Inheriting the Bride so pop on over there next week.

Be someone’s special valentine today! Even just a smile will work!