Sunday, December 23, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas....

The granddaughters spent the night on Friday and helped me wrap the presents that had piled up in the corner of my bedroom waiting for just such an event. We also watched Miracle on 34th Street (the remade version, not the original, black and white just doesn’t hold their attention) while munching on a tray of homemade goodies. We’ll gather at one son’s house on Christmas Eve and another son’s house for Christmas Day and I’m looking forward to watching the girls tear into their gifts. The little one hidden amongst the presents in this picture wants a specific princess kitchen so badly she shivers when talking about it. (That present has been wrapped for some time and I sincerely hope ‘some assembly required’ doesn’t take hours!)

Today I will make a trip to the grocery store to purchase the times I need to create the dishes I will bring to both gatherings, and we have a lunch date with our oldest granddaughter. She turns six today and with the holidays so close, we’ve made a tradition of celebrating it early and going out to eat at the restaurant of her choice on her actually birthday.

One the writing side, all is going well. I had the unique opportunity to write a Christmas story during the Christmas season. It seems I’m usually writing about July in December and vise versa. HQN asked me to write a story for their 2013 Christmas anthology in November, and just this week I received the edits. I plan on completing them this coming week. Anna and Tanner’s story will be released next October. 

It’s hard not to think about all that’s going on around the world, and the tragedies right here in the United States. Please say a prayer, offer sympathy and empathy, but also take the time to reflect upon your blessings. All that you have and hold dear. That’s my Christmas wish for you.

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