Monday, August 13, 2012

Corn on the cob, anyone?

Don’t you just love the wonderful foods of summer? With everything going on this year, we didn’t put in a garden, the time just got away from us. But we are blessed with some of the best neighbors in the world who share their bounty with us. 

The new book is coming along fabulously well, even with all the birthday parties and weddings filling up our weekends. I just wrote Chapter Seven. (The words not the chapter. LOL.) I am hoping to make it to the mid-way point on the word count before company shows up on Thursday for my niece’s wedding this weekend. In this story, Carter Buchanan is a Pinkerton agent who may have just came upon his hardest case ever. His actual assignment is to catch a train robber, but he’s a bit sidetracked at the moment by the unwed and pregnant Molly Thorson. 

We attended a friend’s birthday party this weekend that included skeet and target shooting. I shot my .22 rifle that Papa put a new scope on this spring, and it handles like a dream. It is one that I won at the Wild Turkey Federation banquet.  

With the wedding right around the corner, I’m getting my hair cut tomorrow. Fingers crossed that I’ll like it. I’m a wash and go type of person, so I’ve asked her to once again keep that in mind. I’ve also written the ‘reading’ that I’ll be reading at the wedding ceremony. I’m working on memorizing it, because I know I’ll get too teary-eyed to actually read it. 

That’s all for now. Life is good, let’s keep it that way.

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