Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Adventures of Potty-training

First I need to mention, A Wife for Big John is on sale at The Wild Rose Press! Set in the woods of northern Minnesota in the lumber boom days, this was a fun book to write, and I’ve heard from many that it’s a fun one to read. 

I’m recuperating today…no I haven’t been ill. I had two granddaughters spend the night on Friday. Let’s just say sleeping is next to impossible with that many in one bed. 

The younger of the two is working on potty-training.  I posted on facebook a while ago how I took her shopping for ‘big girl panties’ and she wanted the Spider Man ones. After explaining those were for boys, she said take the Superman ones. In the end she settled for Dora panties, and I had a hard time not buying her the ‘boys’ ones—I wasn’t sure how her mommy and daddy would react to that. As a grandma you do have to be cognizant of those things.  Well, eventually her parents bought her Captain America underwear, which she loves—mainly for the ‘pocket’ on the front. She’s been known to store a crayon or two in that nice little pouch. All in all, she’s doing a wonderful job, and loves exploring new bathrooms. We visited the one at K-Mart twice yesterday. Of course we were on the opposite side of the store each time the ‘urge’ overcame her. Let’s just say, if there was a NASCAR for shopping carts, I’d have taken home the trophy. 

We’ve had some rainy days lately, and true to course, it made my flowers pop! The Lilies of the Valleys are blooming and they smell so good! They are planted below our bedroom window which increases the pleasure of sleeping with the windows open. 

I got back the edits on my story set at Fort Sill in the Oklahoma Territory, and I’m anxious to get started working on them. My editor is so wonderful about finding the little things I sometimes overlook while getting the first draft down on paper, and she picked out some amazing things to amp-up in this story. 

That’s all for now. Take time to smell the flowers this week! You’ll be glad you did.

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