Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Late Night

We had a late night here. Had to stay up to watch the Daytona 500! I was a Brad Keselowski Twitter follower long before he tweeted the pictures from inside his car last night—I guess he picked up thousands of followers after that. What an amazing race! And educational. I never knew they used Tide to clean the track. 

Our youngest son has been working in the oil fields in North Dakota and with the storm blowing in, he was on his way home last night and couldn’t get the race on the radio, so we were updating him as he drove. I’m glad to say he got home at six o’clock this morning. My daughter-in-law said their dog, (Granddog extraordinaire) Bear, was so excited when Cody walk in she thought the dog was going to pass out. Papa said it was probably like Dino when Fred Flintstone used to come home.

I’ve had a people ask me what happened to reviews on my books at Amazon. Sorry, folks, I have no idea. Must be something going on with Amazon. It’s happened before. Thanks, though, to those who asked, and those who have left reviews. 

I received this wonderful cover for Sheriff McBride. (Release date yet to be determined.)

And I received the blurb for The Sheriff’s Last Gamble. (To be released May 1, 2012.)

Dakota Territory , 1886
Sheriff Jake McCrery gave up gambling years ago; keeping the peace in Founder's Creek Township is all the challenge he needs. Until Stacy Blackwell arrives in town and soon becomes a frequent visitor to the Sheriff's office. Her crime? Diverting the Sheriff's attention with her beauty, charm and the mischievous light in her eyes that ignites a fire in Jake that can't be extinguished. He wants her as he'd never wanted anything in his life—enough to make one final gamble to win her heart….

That’s all for now. Have a wonderful week! Smile even when it hurts!

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