Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Birthday!

My granddaughter will be one tomorrow! We will celebrate her birthday on Saturday with a large family party. Of course it’s hard to know what she ‘wants’ for her birthday, so I picked out several outfits, Papa on the other hand, he’s going for the candy. She does love to eat, but…We’ll, when all is said and done, that’s Papa’s choice and who am I to correct him.

I don’t have an excuse for not blogging last week. Yes, life is busy, but it always is. I have used every spare moment I can catch working on the fifth Quinter Bride book, but now that I’m close to the end, I’m getting a little nervous. I really like this family and will miss them when there are no more Quinter stories to be told.

Today I signed the contract for the fourth Quinter story, Guardian Bride. I was very excited to get a note from my editor saying she loved the story. My mother had said it’s her favorite, but she has to say that--she’s my Mom.

The sun is shinning, but it snowed again this morning. Time goes fast enough, and I don’t want to wish any days away, but if I had three wishes, one would be “No more snow”! Two and Three….Hmm…I’ll have to think on them.

Have a great week all!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

DH and I went out last night so we wouldn’t need to fight the crowds today. We had a lovely time. I hope you get to spend the day with your special someone.

I received a wonderful review of Wedding Night with the Ranger at e-Harlequin. And you can review the first few pages here if you’d like.

It snowed again this week, and I must admit, I’m glad we are on the downhill side of winter.

The kids are still without an extra car, so I’ve become Isabelle’s personal chauffer—namely for gymnastics and pre-preschool. It’s been very fun, but I know her mommy misses taking her, so I’ll be happy for them when they get everything settled with the insurance company and replace their car.

I’m watching the Daytona 500 right now. I’m so happy the NASCAR season has started!

Have a wonderful week!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

My week...

January slipped into February this week, and kept us busy as it did so.

On Monday, Wedding Night with the Ranger was released! Also, our library hosted Author Jill Elizabeth Nelson. I took my mother to hear Jill speak and we had a wonderful evening together.

Tuesday evening I took Isabelle to gymnastics. When we arrived back at her house the furniture store had delivered and set up her ‘big girl bed’. I was officially invited to sleep in the bottom bunk anytime I want. Princess sheets and all.

Wednesday morning started with a call from our middle son. He’d been in a six car pile up on his way to work. THANKFULLY no one was hurt! As you can tell from the picture, his car was totaled (it’s the red car). There was certainly a guardian angel riding beside him that morning.

While I was on my way to pick him up, I received an email on my blackberry from a literacy agent in Japan with an offer for the Japanese rights to Mail Order Husband.

Thursday, after several emails, I confirmed the offer from Japan, and now am awaiting the final contract and tax papers. The book will be translated and released in Japanese trade paperback later this year.

Friday, I took my mother to the doctor and eye doctor, then to order new glasses and complete several other errands she needed to do.

Of course I worked the day job all week, too.

So here it is Saturday morning, and besides a trip to the grocery store later today for super bowl fixings, I’ll be working on the Fifth Quinter Bride book. Bug’s story is moving right along. Poor guy, Ma refuses to allow him to get married—with her shotgun of course.

I hope your February arrived wonderfully, and that it will continue to bring good news and wonderful adventures.