Thursday, November 8, 2007

Release Dates

This week I was notified of the release dates for A Wife for Big John. February for the e-book and August for the print version. The galley is done and turned it, so for now that child is sleeping.

I'm working on the first round of edits for An April to Remember, and I'm also working on a short time travel story, An Unbelievable Journey. It's about a girl who travels back to the 1880's and helps Buffalo Bill Cody plan his first Wild West Show. She believes aliens abducted her and accidentally dropped her off in the wrong century. It's a short, fun story.

The Northern Lights Writer's retreat was fabulous. It was held at a wonderful Bed and Breakfast near Hinkley. So I was able to stop and see Isabelle on the way there and back.

We only had six trick or treaters for Halloween, so I made sure they each went home with a pumpkin from my garden. My great nephew was excited because as he put it, "Halloween isn't just about trick or treating, it's about carving pumpkins too."

Deer hunting season has started, so I'm a weekend widow, and enjoy the extra time to sit on the computer!

Hope your November is a wonderful one!

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