Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Is Summer REALLY over?

Wow, August simply flew by! It was a busy month. We went to the NASCAR race in was rained out! Didn't run until Tuesday morning, and we were already back home by then. BUMMER! While we were gone Cody went on a plum picking excursion, so I was quite busy making jelly for a week. :) Also had a new event to pull together at work. I was hoping things would slow down in September, but by the looks of my calendar, there really is no hope. Maybe October.

I am now working on the second edits for A Wife for Big John, it had been awhile since I worked on it, and I'm finding how much I like Dani and John all over again. They are quite a pair. I've started working on another book, it is set in Western Kansas, and my research is really interesting. I lived there for over ten years, and wish I would have know some of this then. I visited Squaw's Den several times, but never knew the real story behind the landmark. I'll have to drive out to it next time we go down to see Jess's family.

I'm also working on an event with the Big Lake Library. "A Night of Romance" we are inviting MN romance authors to join us for an evening of fun, story telling and book signings. It will be Oct. 11th.

Oh, and I received my first sales statement from TWRP for Mail Order Husband. I was astonished by how many e-books sold through Fictionwise in May and June. Thanks to all who purchased one.

Hope you all accomplished goals you'd set for this summer. :)

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