Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Book Blurb

Here is the back cover blurb for Mail Order Husband:

Penny Jordan doesn't want a husband- she needs one. It's the only way she can save her ranch. Her pickings are slim, so she asks her friend from back east to find one and send him to the Black Hills of the Dakota Territory, ASAP. Penny soon discovers that her mail ordered husband is the last thing she needed- he's nothing more than a mail order problem!

Jace Owens doesn't want a wife-again. When his meddling sister-in-law drugs and ships him to the middle of nowhere as a mail order husband, all he can focus on is getting back to Pennsylvania to wring her scrawny neck. Then he meets his new wife, and soon discovers he's going to have to convince her to let him stay-for a lifetime.

I got the idea for the book while visiting the Black Hills with my youngest son. We had flown to Custard for him to attend prom with his girlfriend who is from there.


Emma_Sanders said...

Congratulations! It sounds intriguing and your cover is awesome!

Marianne Arkins said...

This sounds like fun! And the cover is wonderful. Congrats!

Lauri said...

Thanks Emma and Marianne. WRP is awesome!

Donna Michaels said...


Congratulations on the contract and the cover! This book sounds wonderful and I'm looking forward to reading more!!