Friday, November 21, 2014

Snow, Titles, and Thanksgiving

The foot of snow that arrived last week hit us a bit unprepared. The pony car is being shuttled from garage stall to garage stall until the roads clear up enough for me to drive her to storage for the winter. That’s about all that’s left to do, though, thankfully. In other words, we are now set for winter, whether we like it or not. I do have most of my Christmas shopping done, so for that I’m very thankful. Thanksgiving preparations are underway, too. 

I’m writing the final few chapters in my Salem Witch Trial story. It’s taken a lot of research, far more than perhaps I needed, but it’s been so intriguing I have found myself lost in it. I’ll then move on to a western and find myself looking forward to that. I’ve also plotted out my spring wedding story for a 2016 Harlequin anthology.

I have the titles of my 2015 releases! A Fortune For The Outlaw’s Daughter will be released in May. This story is set during the Alaskan gold rush. The series title for the 1920’s stories is: Daughters of The Roaring Twenties, and will include, The Runaway Daughter, The Bootlegger’s Daughter, The Rebel Daughter, and The Forgotten Daughter. The Runaway Daughter is a short (ebook only) story and the rest are full length books. They will be released in August, September, and October. I’m very anxious to see the cover arts for those. 

I have a laundry list of things to get done today, so must get to it, but want to wish each and every one of you a very Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the time with loved ones, it doesn’t get better than that!