Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Countdown to release date...

An Unbelievable Journey will be released next Wednesday, May 28th from The Wild Rose Press. It is a time travel about Sierra Masters and Jesse Jones. She’s an event planner from the 21st century; he’s left the army to raise race horses. Here is a short excerpt:

"Nebraska," the man replied.
"Nebraska!" Sierra tossed her head around, taking in the grassland. Sage brush, scraggly, old elm trees, brown grass. Yup, this was Nebraska. Had her trip to Maine been a dream? No, the man standing in front of her held the despicable cat, the same one that had been in Maine. "Wow." She flattened three fingers over her mouth. Her vacation was already over and she didn't remember the flight home. Had she taken Dramamine?
She held up one of the fingers, indicating he should stop talking and give her time to think. Who was he? Head to toe in western attire, boots, tight-legged jeans, a button-up, sun-faded shirt that had a wide flap across the chest, a Stetson. He dressed like a true Nebraskan, but the holster and gun belted around his hips took the image a little too far.
She frowned. Did she know him? Tall, broad, and good looking in a rough and tumble sort of way. His face had a wrinkle or two, especially around the eyes. Squinting at the sun too much; should learn to wear a good pair of sunglasses.
"Ma'am?" That deep, husky, voice repeated.
"I'm sorry. I guess, I'm lost," she admitted, while silently noting his voice was too sexy to be healthy.
"Where do you live?" he asked.
She tilted her head, listening. The tone was deep and gravely, like he didn't use it very often. Taking a deep breath, she realized he waited for her answer. "Omaha," she said with a nod.
"Oh, well that's just a few miles from here."
"It is?" She looked around again. They were in the middle of nowhere- literally.
"Yup," he nodded.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

An Unbelievable Journey--Outstanding Read

Stephanie from Simply Romance Reviews gave An Unbelievable Journey an A+ and tagged it an Outstanding Read! She says, “Another thing I enjoy is humor. It’s difficult to write, harder to find someone who can make you laugh out loud while reading. Until reading An Unbelievable Journey the only author that had ever managed it was Sandra Hill. She’s got competition from Ms. Robinson.”
The full review is at Simply Romance Reviews. This was a very fun book to write, my first try at time-travel, and I really enjoyed it. An Unbelievable Journey will be released on May 28th from The Wild Rose Press.

Mother's Day....Today is bittersweet. Last year on Mother’s Day my Dad passed away. I miss him terribly, but know in my heart it was time for his story to end. As I sit on the deck, the sun is shinning, birds are singing and fresh blades of grass have turned the yard a brilliant green. All of it reminds me life is a never ending book, full of advancing chapters you never want to quit reading. It’s also taught me it’s not what you leave behind—it’s the people you loved while you were here that makes a difference. Dad loved all of us kids with such fervor that I still feel it. Always will. This Mother's Day my only wish is that my children feel the same way about my love for them--forever.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Sorry for not posting lately, been kind of bogged down with work stuff…

I am planning to have a wonderful Mother’s Day. It’s opening fishing in Minnesota, which means….I will have the house to myself Sunday! No cooking, no cleaning, just me and my computer! I'm working on the second Quinter Bride Book, Badland Bride.

Also, a couple of friends have exciting news to share…Paty Jager’s Outlaw in Petticoats will be released this Friday from The Wild Rose Press. I can’t wait read it! Coffee Time Romance Reviews says it’s a SPLENDID READ! "With intense character emotions, and a bit of mystery... this an outstanding read. "

And Nancy Pirri has a new release Wishes and Kisses from Midnight Showcase. I just got this book and can't wait to read it this weekend.

Again, I wish you all a very happy Mother’s Day!