Saturday, March 22, 2014

And it's off...

The third book in my roaring twenties story has been sent off for others to read and give me their feedback! The heroine, Twyla, had some serious decisions to make, but in the end, she found her happily ever after. One more story/sister to go—that’s Josie’s. She’s arrested in Twyla’s story, and I’m excited to discover exactly why. This entire series will be released the summer of 2015. 

Next up will be Never Tempt a Lawman, May 1st

Steady, wealthy and oh-so-safe—that's the kind of husband Bess Trundale wants. Someone like the local banker's son. Someone unlike Sheriff Kirk Landers. The lawman's confident swagger gets right under her skin…and into her fantasies. And though she's tried to ignore the chemistry surging between them, one night is about to change everything.

Kirk isn't planning on being anyone's husband ever again. But months of living under the same boardinghouse roof as quick-witted, feisty Bess have stirred desires he can't ignore. Together they could put their pasts to rest and claim a bold, passionate future—if he can tempt her to break all the rules with him….

Life around the home front is marching on…as in March is already on its way out. 
Our youngest son had his 28th birthday last week and I shared with him the weekend before he was born, we raked our yard—not so this year. We still have snow piled high. 

We have had a couple above zero days, and all that melting snow gave us plenty of mud. That also happened to be the day that my old washing machine gave up the ghost. She’d served me well over the years—three teenage boys aren’t easy on anything—so it was to no fault of her own. The new set couldn’t be delivered for ten days, and I swear, those were the longest ten days of my life.  We bought the stackable ones to give us more room in the laundry room, and they arrived yesterday! Oh, yes, they were busy washing and drying until I went to bed. 

Today was a fun day. Papa had made a date with Hayley to watch Frozen—he didn’t go to the movie theatre with the rest of us—and I had a date with Karlee to get manicures. So after we both had our nails painted we came home in time to have lunch and then all four of us, Papa, Hayley, Karlee and I watched the movie. (Isabelle had a birthday party for one of her friends and Connor is just a little too young to care about Disney cartoons.) The two girls spent the rest of the afternoon playing together as best-friends cousins do. 

After catching up on a few blogs this evening, I plan to work on my paranormal set in Cody, Wyoming. 

Until next time, be good to yourself and kind to others. We’re all in this together.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Read an E-Book Week March 2-8

In honor of e-book week, Paty Jager and I are offering For a Sister’s Love for FREE at SMASHWORDS.  You can either use this code: FL74J or the code offered on the site which is RW100.

I go back and forth between paper books and e-books, and I honestly can’t tell you that I like one more than the other. When I first got my Kindle, I (wrongly) assumed that would mean I’d no longer have a stack of books on my bedside table. They are still there, but so lies the Kindle. I must admit, the Kindle is my traveling partner. I must also admit I’ve brought home more than one paperback only to discover I’d already downloaded the story on my Kindle. Not that I mind. There are plenty of books that I enjoy reading more than once. 

For those of you who don’t have a Kindle or other E-reader, you can download the app onto your cell phone and/or computer. (I have those, too. I really am never without a book.)

So…what else is happening around here? A lot, as usual. We’ve
received more wintery weather, which we took advantage of and dug out the toboggan. The granddaughter had a blast, and Bear, the granddog, was part of the fun. He pulled the toboggan back up the hill once, but was not impressed. I believe the thought the thing was chasing him, and the faster he ran, the faster it followed him. It was a sight. The girls also went snowplowing with Papa in his old red Chevy and while ‘blazing a new trail’ they became stuck. Luckily they were just in the woods beyond the front yard, so Isabelle ran up the driveway and she and I took the GMC down to pull them out.
We also celebrated Hayley’s birthday. She is now the ripe old age of five. We had three celebrations, one at the restaurant of her choice on her actual birthday and then yesterday we had a bowling party with a dozen of her friends, and then a family party at her home afterwards. 

On the writing side, I’m on the final few chapters of the third roaring twenties story, and already getting anxious to start the fourth one. Which I must get back to right now.

Keep your head up and a smile on your face. It helps. Remembering winter can’t last for every helps, too.