Sunday, March 21, 2010


I just got new pictures of the girls.

Adorable, aren’t they?

Speaking of girls, I went with my oldest son and his wife to their ultrasound. There we learned the baby they are expecting in August is a girl! I’m so excited. After raising three boys, I’ll never have enough granddaughters!

We’ve had a beautiful weekend full of sunshine…and work. We spent the majority of both days putting up one of those wooden play structures at the girls’ house. No, it still isn’t done—maybe by next weekend. I was in charge of drilling holes in the numerous boards, and got a nice blister to prove it.

In the writing realm, here are my covers for Guardian Bride—The Quinter Brides book 4 and Wish Craft.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sunshine Award

After a week of gray, gloomy skies and rain, we finally had sunshine on Sunday. Bright, glorious, and over 60 made for a wonderful day! Perhaps it all happened because Paty Jager awarded my blog with a Sunshine award on Saturday. As per the rules, I now must forward the award on to 12 other blogs:

Tanya Hanson

Catherine Bybee

Linda LaRoque

Robin Allen

Celia Yeary

Cheryl Pierson

Deborah Schneider

Beth Trissel

Carol A Spalding

Margaret Tanner

Natasha Perry

Amber Leigh Williams

Another ray of sunshine was the wonderful review I received from Night Owl Reviews for Badland Bride, The Quinter Brides Book 2…A top pick review!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Adorable and Audibles

Isn’t this just about the cutest picture ever? Someone sent it to me in one of those lengthy funny pictures emails…You know the kind, we all get them, along with those Viagra ones that really make me wonder how those spam folks got ALL of my email addresses! Anyway, I fell in love with this picture and had to share it! (Thanks, John.)

I had a wonderful weekend home alone. Well, actually, I wasn’t home alone. Hubby went up north, so I asked Cody to bring the dogs over to stay with me. Yes, I’m a chicken. Always have been, always will be. I accepted the fact long ago. So, in between playing with the dogs, and the grandbabies, (they were over both days, too), I did get a lot of writing done. So much that I finished the fifth Quinter Brides book! Bug's story, Wildcat Bride is with my critique partner right now. I’m really going to miss the Quinter family. It was a great saga to write.

I also learned The Wild Rose Press has partnered with a company to provide audibles—think of the old books on tape—these are downloadable files like music files that you can listen to on IPod’s etc. I was excited to hear Kendra’s Choice will be one of the first files available. It should be released the end of April or so.

I’m having the family over for a fish fry tonight. (Hubby brought home my favorite meal in the world--fresh caught Walleye. I really do love him.) On Thursday evening I’m having supper with a friend I haven’t seen in months. I’m so looking forward to catching up with her.

Make it a great week, everyone, for if you don’t—who will?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Yes, we still have plenty of snow…so much that the parking lots are turning into lakes, but we have sunshine! And the weather man said if we promise to be good, we might see 40 above tomorrow! YIPPEE!

I know it’s only March, so there is still snow ahead of us, but there truly is nothing like that first good bout of spring sunshine…where the sun feels so wonderful you want to do nothing but lift your face to the rays and sigh with pleasure.

We’ve had a great week. The birthday party on Saturday was fabulous! My daughter-in-law is a wonderful cook, and it’s always fun to get together with friends and family.

I completed all of the paperwork to file for tax relief from the Japanese government and sent that off (one more step in this international publishing process) and I was offered another contract from The Wild Rose Press for a short story.

All in all…Life is good!

Have a great week!