Friday, June 26, 2009

Boot Hill Bride

I received the contract for the third Quinter Book. Boot Hill Bride—The Quinter Brides Book 3 is now officially on my coming soon list! AND I already got the cover!

The blog bouquet was such fun! Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hello!

I received three new reviews this week. Two for Doctor McBride. Orchid with The Long and Short of It Reviews, gave it four books, and said, “I enjoyed this story and would love to read more from this author.” And Chrissy with Romance Junkies gave it a 4.5 rating and said, “Lauri Robinson’s DOCTOR MCBRIDE is a wonderful addition to her MCBRIDE series.” And one for Rancher McBride. Joyfully Reviewed says, "Rancher McBride is a super fast paced historical that will make you smile."

I also received the first round of edits for both Boot Hill Bride and A Soldier for Christmas, which will be part of the American Rose Christmas Anthology, so I really have to make the time to work on them this weekend. (I had to take my laptop into the computer guy this AM, and thankfully he has it working as good as new again!)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Remember, you’ll never have another June 2009, so make the most of it!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Blog Bouquet Winner

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the Stop and Smell the Roses Blog Bouquet!

I put all the names of those who left a comment in a bowl, and my granddaughter pulled one out.

Congrats, LORETTA CANTON. You are the winner.

Loretta, please email me at Lauri @ with the name of the book you’d like to receive a PDF of.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Stop and Smell the Roses Blog Bouquet

Thanks for stopping to smell a Cactus Rose today!

I’m often asked why I write western historical romances. My first response is always the same— “Because I wanted to grow up and marry Little Joe Cartwright.” Seriously, I did. Yeah, I know—me and about fifty million other girls! I guess I’ve always had a thing for cowboys. The 19th century seems like a quieter, simpler time of life, and overall, much more romantic than the 21st century. Immersing myself in researching and writing historical westerns allows me to experience ‘once upon a time and happily ever after’ every time I sit down at my computer.

A touch about my stories:

Mail Order Husband—1870’s Black Hills. She didn’t want a husband, she needed one. He’s caught simply by surprise—drugged and shipped to the Black Hills.

A Wife for Big John—1890’s Northern Minnesota lumber camp. She didn’t need a husband, she needed a job. He passes out the first time they meet…mainly due to the fact she’s acting as a mid-wife by delivering a baby in his bedroom.

An Unbelievable Journey—(Time travel) 1880’s Nebraska. She falls off a cliff in Maine and lands in the Wild West. He’s shocked by her dress, language, and the jewelry in her belly button.

Shotgun Bride-The Quinter Brides Book One—1880’s Southwestern Kansas. She’s traded for a dead horse. He’s knocked unconscious and hogtied. Without choice, they’re married.

An April to Remember—1865 Memphis, Tennessee. She distrusts men—all men. He loves woman—all woman. They’re thrown together in the muddy Mississippi when the historical Sultana explodes.

Rancher McBride—1870’s Northeastern Kansas. She doesn’t want to be a rancher’s wife; she wants to be a rancher. He wants Josie, not some fancy gal. Do clothes make the man, or woman?

Doctor McBride—1870’s Northeastern Kansas. She knows what she wants—Dr. Jake McBride. A McBride’s word is as good as gold, and he promised to leave her alone. He can’t go back on his word, can he?

Sheriff McBride-Lawmen and Outlaws Anthology—1870’s Northeastern Kansas. She knew the law would eventually catch up with her. He knows she’s hiding something, but one kiss proves he’s willing to give up the law for her.

Coming in October: Kendra’s Choice. 1880’s Eastern Colorado. She needs a man—for research. Who’s he to deny the needs of a young, beautiful woman?

And Coming in November: Badland Bride-The Quinter Brides Book Two—(Time Travel) 1880’s Western Kansas. Pregnant and outrunning a mad man, she crawls into the past. He takes her home, and gets the last thing he expects. A wedding.

Reviews for all of these stories are posted in the sidebar of this page.

As you can tell my favorite time period is the Wild West, from the 1860-1900’s. This is also my favorite time to read about. What is your favorite time period, and why? By leaving a comment you’ll be entered in a drawing for an e-book of your choice from those listed above except Sheriff McBride-Lawmen and Outlaws, (due to the fact it is an anthology) and of course those not released yet, Kendra’s Choice and Badland Bride. I will post the winner on Wednesday so be sure to stop by.

Now it’s time to stop and smell the roses of another Wild Rose Press Author: Here’s the links. Enjoy!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Marley and Me & A Henna Tattoo

I just re-watched Marley and Me. I don’t really know why, probably because my week was so busy I just needed to veg, and watching a movie I’d already seen didn’t require any energy. I read the book this winter, which of course was better than the movie, but they usually are.

Ladies Night Out was wonderful! I even got a tattoo. It’s a dragon fly on my ankle. It’s a henna one, so will fade after a few weeks. The first thing my mother said when I showed it to her was, “That’s NOT real, is it?” She had a few other things to say before I got the chance to assure her it was only temporary. Sheesh, I am pushing fifty, but evidently still not old enough NOT to be reprimanded by my mother.

I did finish another short story last weekend and queried it, so my fingers are crossed it will be contracted.

On Monday I’ll be participating with a group of 20 Wild Rose Press authors for a Stop and Smell the Roses Blog Bouquet. Every author will be running a contest, and all posts will be on line by Monday morning. So please stop by on Monday, leave a comment to enter my contest, and visit the other author’s blogs. (I will have all the links posted.)

Have a GREAT weekend!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ladies Night Out in Big Lake

I usually don’t blog about work things, but the event I’m hosting right now is so wonderful, if you’re anywhere near Big Lake (Minnesota) you’ll want to attend! On Tuesday, June 16th join other women at the Carousell Works in Big Lake from 6-9 PM for an evening of fun. Tickets are $20 in advance, and $25 at the door. (Email lauriunitedway @ for tickets.) The evening will include a purse raffle, a purse scavenger hunt, food by ‘A Catered Event’, a cash bar, and a variety of mini session and shopping experiences. On-site services will include massages, hair design, pedicures, psychic readings, Reiki practitioner, makeovers, a fashion show, life and business coaching, Lillian’s Purses, and more!

I had to set up one of those big, yellow, lighted signs with the individual letters to advertise the event. (I did convince my son to haul it with his pickup, I wasn’t about to put a hitch on my Mustang!) The towing went well, despite the un-summer like wind and rain that day, however, I didn’t get all the letters I needed when I picked up the sign. It took three trips to the rental store before I finally had enough letters AND numbers to complete my sign.

Okay…now for the writing side of things…

It’s Cowboy Month at the Wild Rose Press! Stop over and pick up a Cactus or Yellow Rose story, they’re all on sale! There will also be a special Cowboy Chat on their Chat Line this Thursday, June 11th at 8 PM EST.

Lawmen and Outlaws was released last week! You Gotta Read Reviews gave it a wonderful review, stating, “A thoroughly enjoyable set of stories. Each story had its own cadence and feel to it and I enjoyed them all very much.” Sheriff McBride is my story, and the other stories are Dreams of Gold by Linda Carroll-Bradd, McKenna’s Woman by Loretta C. Rogers, and The Outlaw’s Angel by Helen Hardt. It was fun to be part of this anthology.

You Gotta Read Reviews also reviewed Doctor McBride last week. Reviewer Tonya says, “I love the McBride series, these books are wonderfully written and they all connect together but have a story all their own to tell.” Romance Junkies also reviewed Doctor McBride, they gave it 4.5 ribbons, and said, “Lauri Robinson’s DOCTOR MCBRIDE is a wonderful addition to her MCBRIDE series.”

One final Cowboy note…If you are looking for a great series, try Paty Jager’s “Petticoat” Series, the third of the series Miner in Petticoats will be released this Friday from The Wild Rose Press. Others in the series include Marshall in Petticoats and Outlaw in Petticoats.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


I caught a cold—which rarely happens to me—and must say, this one is kicking my behind! Unable to stay in bed and nurse it do to a very hectic schedule at work this week, has me concentrating on not getting the DayQuil and NyQuil mixed up. My mantra has become--Yellow in the morning, green at night.

Therefore, here’s a very short blog:

Two reviews came in this week from The Long and Short of It Reviews:

Rancher McBride five books.

An April to Remember four books.

Have a great weekend!